Things I believe ...

All kitchens should maximize light and reduce clutter.

Home lighting is ridiculously important (and never have there been more choices!).

Paint color is cheap and adds so much wit and warmth.

Bathrooms should be beautiful -- the bigger the better.

With bathrooms, you must not cut corners.

Bedrooms are only as good as the size of their closets. ... More…

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L.A. designer in her kitchen L.A. designer in her kitchen


An eclectic designer, in love with 'color, movement'

starfish accent for L.A. designer home

The top Los Angeles interior designer Lyndall Hobbs says every job has the same requirements:

"Endless energy. A vision. And attention to detail."

Not to mention exceptional talent and built-in radar for a brilliant, stunning piece of furniture or art -- "That can be pretty helpful too," she says with a grin.

The Los Angeles Times hailed her "eclectic tastes" and "artful" approach to home design and renovation.

"I love color and movement, and I can't abide by the rules of design," Lyndall says. "I love to mix objects and eras."

(Read the L.A. Times story on Lyndall's interior design work.)

The native of Australia knows the turf in L.A., having worked as a feature film director before turning to her talents to L.A. interior design and home renovation.

spanish living room done by L.A. designerLyndall finds that the skills she developed as a director help her navigate the hundreds of choices and decisions that make up any ambitious design project.

"Unless you've spent many, many years doing this kind of work yourself, it makes total sense to hire someone -- a designer -- to help you make the best, most creative yet cost-effective decisions," she says.

While Lyndall has top-to-bottom experience with major house renovations -- she even counts contracting among her skills -- the designer is open to all projects and budgets.

"The size of the job doesn't matter to me," she says. "The quality and care will always be there."

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