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"I used to think the idea of hiring an interior designer was indulgent and a bit foolish. That was before I started doing up houses for myself in New York, and then took to buying and selling houses in Los Angeles.

"I soon realized just how stunningly hard, grueling and utterly time-consuming it can be to try to make one's way through the sheer volume of choices there are at every turn. ... More…

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Lyndall Hobbs' artful renovation turns a quaint Spanish-style home into a midcentury-style retreat, reflecting the designer's eclectic tastes. ... More…

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L.A. interior designer Lyndall Hobbs on stairsLyndall Hobbs spent years working as a TV journalist in her native Australia and then in London.

Her passion for design and style flowered on ITV's nightly "Today" program, when she switched from straight news reporting to a feature segment.

On "Hobb's Choice," she reported on fashion, design art and music -- whatever was hot and happening in London.

Lyndall lived with the successful U.K. theatre and film producer Michael White.

The decorating bug struck as she redid their fabulous five-story house in the glamorous area of Egerton Crescent, Knightsbridge.

"There were pink linen sofas and rush matting and fabulous colors -- all very ahead of its time," Lyndall recalls.

Producing her own segments on "Hobbs' Choice" led to directing -- at first, half-hour cinema shorts such as documentaries on the Paris fashion shows and London nightlife. Then came the award-winning 30-minute short "Dead on Time," starring Rowan Atkinson ("Mr. Bean").

Lyndall moved to the States and proceded to direct commercials, episodic TV shows, music videos and short films for "Saturday Night Live" with talent such as Tracey Ullmann. She directed the feature film "Back to the Beach" for Paramount Pictures. (View Lydall Hobbs' film and TV credits.)

After several years devoted to bringing up her two children, Lyndall decided to switch from showbiz to interior design and home renovation.

She has lived between New York and Los Angeles for some time, but now has settled here in the Hollywood Hills.

Lyndall has decorated houses in both New York and L.A., acting as the contractor as well as interior designer on many successful renovations.

"Doing a big renovation on a house requires all the skills of a director," Lyndall says. "Endless energy. A vision. Attention to detail. Hiring the right crew. Communicating well and inspiring people to give their best, while getting the job done in timely fashion.

"It's all about remembering the big picture as chaos reigns around you. Having great ideas right through to the end. And most importantly, giving the person who pays the bills -- the client -- just what they want and more.

"So that everybody is thrilled with the end results."