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How long will it take?

The design work might involve a couple of days or a week's work -- or perhaps it's a job needing six months to complete. And time frames always are affected by the budget.

BUT, I am someone who likes to work fast, buy items off the floor, avoid having things made in time-consuming fashion unless the job really calls for it.

Work simply should not take any longer than it has to. I believe many interior designers take FAR too long to complete jobs.

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Working with Lyndall: Frequently asked questions

How do we get started?

It's best to have our initial meeting at the house. We'll dig right in, figuring out what needs doing and the best plan of attack. That first meeting is free. Typically the session lasts a couple of hours. I'll be sure to give you some good ideas you can use regardless of whether we work together. If you want to move ahead, then I'll get busy on ideas and sketches and colors and show you a "concept" before proceeding. Of course, that design concept will evolve as the job goes forward.

designer shopping for materialsWill you go shopping with me?

Of course. Some jobs simply require a few fun days of shopping. You might just need new bedroom furniture -- or an updated sofa for the living room. We can shop for anything -- from linens and fabrics to appliances to outdoor furniture and plants. But shopping might mean shopping for a good contractor and a great cabinet maker -- or a brand new kitchen.

Do we have to do everything at once?

No, absolutely not. It can depend on what else is going on in your life. Or how confident you are about the process. Some people prefer to go slowly and see if they will get on with their interior designer first. They might want to start with just recovering a sofa and buying a coffee table. But if there's any construction involved it's definitely more economical to get all the work done at one time.

What are your rates?

As in life, everything is negotiable, including my price. I can assure you that my rates for interior design are very reasonable.

Do I have to buy furniture and art through you?

No, that's not necessary. We'll look for the right item at the right price, regardless of where it's sold.

For a quick appointment and free home-design evaluation, email Lyndall today or use the L.A. designer's contact page.