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Things I believe ...

All kitchens should maximize light and reduce clutter.

Lighting is ridiculously important (and never has there been more choice!).

Paint color is cheap and adds so much wit and warmth.

Bathrooms should be beautiful -- the bigger the better.

WIth bathrooms, you must not cut corners.

Bedrooms are only as good as the size of their closets.

Living rooms should be comfy and cozy as well as stylish.

Polished concrete or terrazzo floors are wonderful investments, needing almost no upkeep.

Outdoor rooms and landscape design will bring contentment.

A $100 Ikea bedside table can look just as good as one that costs ten times as much.

Every house needs at least one piece of second-hand or pre-loved furniture. (Be it a valuable antique lamp or your aunt's chic 50's Eames rocker.)

Whether it's a Spanish Mission-style house or mid-century or classic ranch … they all need some RED.

My design philosophy is simple ...

Keep it CHIC ...





Cost effective

I used to think the idea of hiring an interior designer was indulgent and a bit foolish. That was before I started doing up houses for myself in New York, and then took to buying and selling houses in Los Angeles.

I soon realized just how stunningly hard, grueling and utterly time-consuming it can be to try to make one's way through the sheer volume of choices there are at every turn -- from tiles to taps to toilets -- from counter tops to carpets -- from fabrics and blinds -- to paint colors and dimmer switches.

There can be literally hundreds of design decisions, each requiring time and thought.

Unless you've spent many, many years doing this kind of work yourself, it makes total sense to hire someone -- a designer -- to help you make the best, most creative yet cost-effective decisions.

Decisions that will resonate for many years to come.

Decisions that mean your house -- usually your most-important asset -- will increase in value, look good longer and be a joy to spend time in.

The size of the design job doesn't matter to me

For one project in which the young woman had a limited budget, we just went on a shopping spree to Pottery Barn and Room & Board. We had a blast.

My job never gets boring

One day I'll be in Pasadena checking out all the fantastic new stores and huge warehouse-sized antique shops; the next I'll be at my laptop looking for a one-of-a-kind mid-century sofa on 1stDibs.com or eBay or some of the other websites designers favor.

Here’s what I promise not to do

Insist you wait four months for someone to make you cushions in expensive fabrics with expensive trims -- when there are so many great cushions to buy ready-made.

Of course there are many things that have to be custom made, things that I have designed myself:

That list can include kitchen islands in stainless steel with concrete counters … bookshelves and media centers … closets and outdoor rooms … and dining-room tables on industrial wheels …

But these days there's an awful lot of great stuff to be bought right off “the floor.”